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Flights to Venice

Heavy traffic and plenty of competition has meant that fights to Venice have become more affordable in recent years, however, if you're planning to travel to Italy's most famous city for a weekend break you'll have to book well in advance or be willing to travel at inconvenient times in order to bag a bargain.

Getting a good deal on flights to Venice requires putting in some legwork. Be prepared to shop around, check all carriers and airports in Italy and the UK and don't assume that booking a return fare is the best option.

Tips on getting the best deal on flights to Venice from the UK

Book in advance

To get the best discounts on flights to Venice you'll need to book well in advance - don't hold out for cheap last minute bargains when it comes to such a popular destination. Venice is in peak season for most of the year and last minute deals are almost non existent.

Travel outside peak season

If you can, aim to travel outside peak season, this means avoiding travel between mid May and mid September, the two weeks around Christmas and the time of both the Venice Carnival (10 days ending on Shrove Tuesday) and the Venice Film Festival in late August.

Check all the carriers and airports

Don't assume that low cost carriers offer the most competitive fares. It only takes a few minutes to check the best fare with each airline. British Airways, BMI and Al Italia fly from Heathrow to Marco Polo airport while easyJet flies from Gatwick, Bristol and East Midlands to Marco Polo and Ryanair flies from Luton, Stansted and Liverpool to Treviso airport.

Consider one-way flights

Despite popular thinking sometimes it's cheaper to book two one-way flights with different carriers than one return flight. Check the best deals available from each carrier on each date and see if you can save any money by making two separate bookings. Be sure to factor in all taxes and fees before making your decision.

Where to find cheap flights to Venice

Non refundable, non transferable tickets are always the cheapest options so be sure you know what date you want to travel and stick to it. Practically every airline now offers its cheapest flights online so begin your search by checking the website of the airlines themselves. Compare the prices you're given with prices offered by online travel bookers such as expedia, lastminute or ebookers and go with the best deal.

Fares vary greatly depending on your departure point and the time of year but as a rough guide expect to pay between £40 and £150 for a return flight from London in mid season.

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