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Welcome to Prague, a city that brings you all the charm and mystery of Eastern Europe in just a two hour flight from the UK. Once known as 'the Paris of the East,' Prague is a city of spires, where the music of Mozart echoes through the cobble stoned streets during the day as the latest in dance fusion heats up the night. From 12th century facades to beer brewed according to 15th century recipes, Prague provides the past with all the amenities of the present. Read on for all the information you need on weekend city breaks in Prague.

Map of Prague (Praha)

http://www.prague-info.cz/ - Official tourist site for Prague.

The historic city centre of Prague has been on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites since 1992. From where the looming silhouette of the 9th century Castle (Pražský hrad or Hradcanské námêstí) stands over the city to the sad history of the Jewish Quarter (Josefov), Prague is perfect for the most avid historian or tourist. The legendary Charles Bridge (Karluv most) bustles with tourists and tradesmen as it spans the Vltava River. Just grab your trainers and go; our walking guide to Prague will lead you through the maze of intricate streets.

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Prague's social atmosphere has soared since Communism ended in 1989 with the bloodless Velvet Revolution. Today Prague is filled with people from around the globe; from tiny cafes and tea rooms tucked into ancient squares to the underground taverns and beer halls, conversation is heard in every language. Before you enjoy the nightlife, start off with a hearty plate of veprové knedlíky (pork dumplings) and cesneková polévka (garlic soup). Polish it off with some jablecný závin (apple strudel) and a half-litre of some of the world's oldest beer.

You can spend the entire weekend soaking up the city's cultural highlights; from the symphonies to concert halls, ballets to the opera, Prague has perfected the art of formal music. Perhaps you prefer to stroll the city streets observing the Gothic, Neo Classical and Art Nouveau architecture; choose from a number of museums and art galleries.

Accommodation in Prague ranges from luxurious boutique hotels to cheap hostels. Many visitors find that renting Prague apartments allows them added convenience and flexibility as well as an 'insider's' view on the city. Just remember, Prague has everything the visitor could need; a weekend break in Prague is exactly what you make of it.

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