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For weekend city breaks Paris is one of the best possible destinations. It's only a few hours away from the UK by plane or train, but it's sufficiently different from British cities to make a trip there seem like a real holiday. The sense of escaping humdrum reality is enhanced when you recognise parts of the city from films. Last Tango in Paris, French Kiss, Amelie and countless other movies have been set in the French capital, so that visitors sometimes feel as if they're wandering around a giant film set.

Visitors contemplating weekend breaks in Paris have a few decisions to make: which attractions should you visit? Should you spend the morning at the Musée du Louvre, or go for a cruise down the Seine? Should you attempt to see all the major landmarks in one weekend break, or would the time be better spent sitting in a pavement café and watching the world go by? The city has so much to offer that making a decision about what to do can be very difficult. Our page of ideas for romantic Paris breaks and the page of advice on activities for a short break to Paris should help with planning your trip. - Official tourist site for Paris.

Consider these pages for busses + metro, national trains, airport transfers, map of Paris and airport information.

However, we don't visit Paris just for the interesting attractions. Wandering down the Champs-Elyssées, eating in candlelit restaurants and looking at beautiful buildings provides a rest cure for the soul - and for relationships. It's not called the City of Love for nothing. But the romantic atmosphere is only part of the reason why it's such a great city for weekend breaks. Another important advantage is that it's easy to get to. If you lead a busy life, it's often hard to get away for more than a weekend, and you don't want to spend your precious holiday time travelling. So hop on the Eurostar to Paris or an aeroplane and you can be in the French capital within a few hours.


Paris is also a very easy city to get around. If you're used to the London Underground, the Paris Metro will come as a very pleasant surprise, as it's quick, convenient, clean and inexpensive. There's also a good bus system and a commuter train service (the RER). However, if you're not in a hurry to get anywhere, you could join the many tourists who prefer to take in the atmosphere by strolling around.

You can only really learn about the City of Love by going there. So head to Paris and experience the magic for yourself.

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