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Tesco is the big gun in the supermarket insurance biz and Tesco travel insurance could prove good value if it suits your requirements. Benefits include up to £1,500 per person for lost or stolen personal possessions (with a £250 single item limit); up to £5 million medical and emergency cover; cancellation and curtailment cover; personal liability cover; optional winter sports cover and up to £25,000 for legal fees.

But like those of any provider there are limitations to Tesco travel insurance. Pre-existing medical conditions have to be declared when you are taking out a policy. And there's a restriction on 'unusual or hazardous activities'. Tesco also offers tailored insurance so if you have doubts about what will be covered it's worth talking to them about it.

Tesco insurance and hazardous activities

The point about hazardous activities is an important one, and not something everyone immediately thinks of. Intrepid holidaymakers who want to indulge sports such as bungy jumping or parascending will often find they're not covered for it unless they have made special provisions. Whoever you decide to take insurance out with, it's important to check up on this because your opinion of what is hazardous may be different to that of the insurance company. It's easy to forget about these things when you're away from it all and having fun. This writer, for example, has been scuba diving on holiday without even thinking to check whether the insurer would cover it - and several won't in their standard travel insurance. But if anything were to happen the fine points of the policy would really matter. It doesn't take an inherently foolhardy situation, just bad luck (for example, another activity I didn't bother to check the cover for was a canoe trip down the Zambezi. and halfway through it our canoe was overturned by a startled hippo. If the hippo hadn't swum off, it might have become very relevant whether that accident was covered by insurance).

So if you think that while you're on your travels you might fancy flinging yourself off a cliff with a piece of elastic attached to your ankles, get a quote for add-on cover. Many insurers will be happy to oblige you in this. But a policy from a specialist insurer which covers a lot of high risk activities does not necessarily have to be more expensive. As always, it's a matter of researching and comparing quotes. If you decide to abandon your holiday before it starts because of a different but real kind of danger - severe delays - make sure you've waited for 12 hours. After that, Tesco will refund you the value of the holiday up to £5000. For more information about Tesco travel insurance, visit the website at www.tescofinance.com.

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