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Sainsburys is one of supermarket giants to now offer insurance in addition to its longer established products. Sainsburys travel insurance provisions include single trip, multi-trip and extended cover and you can apply for a quote online.

Pre-existing medical conditions are the major complicating factor when it comes to travel medical insurance. The attitude of providers towards medical conditions varies, but some will not cover them and some will not even cover for undiagnosed pre-existing conditions. If this could be an issue it's very important to be clear on what your policy covers before you leave. Among the more distinctive aspects of Sainsburys travel insurance is the screening it offers for pre-existing medical conditions. There are a few conditions - notably HIV - which it will be very difficult to get cover for, although some specialist insurers may do it.

Sainsbury travel insurance: best online provider

Sainsbury's was voted best online travel provider by Your Money in 2004, which is encouraging. But it has to be borne in mind that public votes reflect what the public is familiar with as well as where the best quality is to be found. So, as always, do as much of your own research as possible to find the right policy and the right insurer for you. Note that Sainsburys travel insurance provisions changed in 2003, so your cover depends on when you took out or are planning to take out a policy. For more information and a downloadable policy document, visit the group's finance site at Other services offered by Sainsburys include a reminder when your annual policy is up for renewal.


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