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Saga holidays encourage lots of intrepid grannies and grandpas to have the fun they so richly deserve. Mick Jagger's even been on the front of their magazine, and he's a classic example if ever there was one of the rejuvenating properties of convincing yourself you are twenty-five. However, where the spirit is willing, the body may sometimes rebel. And even if it doesn't, there are good reasons to be slightly more wary of fate when you are over 65 than you were a few decades before.

Older people aren't less adventurous, they've just seen what can go wrong. Hence the importance of the silver travel insurance market. And considering nearly half the population is now over 50, it's only going to get more important. Saga travel insurance is specially designed for this sector, and where some insurance policies will limit cover to those aged as little as 55, there is no maximum age with Saga.

Saga travel insurance for holiday cruises

It's worth noting that cruise ships - a well-known favourite with older holidaymakers - can be one of the most expensive places to get even basic medical treatment. This may about the overheads involved in running an onboard medical centre or it may be about taking unfair advantage of a captive market. Whatever your thoughts on that, it makes it all the more important to have medical insurance if you're going on a cruise. The rates on Saga's own cruises are among the cheaper ones.

However, no travel company can insist that you take out insurance with them, and it's often the case with insurance that some research and comparing of quotes can lead to savings. For more information about Saga's services or for an online quote visit the site at Although you have to be over 50 to take out Saga insurance you can extend the cover to younger members of your party for an extra charge.


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