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According to one Post Office survey, a fifth of British holidaymakers don’t think about taking out travel insurance. Of the ones who do nearly half don’t know what their policy includes. For example if you decide to abandon your holiday before it starts because of severe delays, a Post Office travel insurance policy will compensate you for the full cost of the holiday up to ₤5000 providing you have stuck out the wait for at least 12 hours, and will even compensate you for kennel or cattery fees.

Post Office European Medical Insurance

Post Office travel insurance isn’t the only kind of cover you’ll find there. It’s also the place to go for the European medical insurance equivalent, the European Health Insurance Card. Under a reciprocal health agreement operating within the European Economic Area (consisting of the European Union plus Norway, Lichtenstein and Iceland, which if your geography is as bad as mine you will have been unaware weren’t in the EU anyway) the EHIC grants UK citizens the same healthcare entitlements as citizens of the country in question.

Depending on the country you’re in, this card is practically as good as travel medical cover. And if – as it well might – your home contents insurance covers your possessions while you are travelling, you are largely sorted. However there are a few notes of caution. Firstly, the extent and quality of healthcare services varies considerably across the EEA. Secondly, neither the EHIC nor contents insurance will cover you for things like missed flights or repatriation if, heaven forbid, anything really serious happens.

Travel insurance is still worth it then, especially for longer trips, but if you have the medical card too it may save you from having to pay for your treatment at the time. Plus you may have any excess charge waived by the insurer. For more information about Post Office travel insurance visit the website at


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