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Norwich Union was one of the insurers who made a special exceptions for the tsunami disaster, and there is still advice on the Norwich Union travel insurance site concerning the aftermath. When the giant tsunami crashed onto the shores of south-east Asia on Boxing Day 2005, claiming or changing forever the lives of tens of thousands of people, the last thing on anyone's mind was travel insurance. But it's strange and heartening how small acts of kindness within massive tragedies can be worth more than their face value for the way they insist that not everything, after all, is darkness.

It can be argued that insurance companies would have faced a PR disaster if they had stuck to the letter of the policies they had issued December travellers to Thailand and Sri Lanka and refused compensation or medical cover for this uninsurable act of God (or the absence thereof). But perhaps for once it's preferable to think that big companies - also including Columbus, Axa and Direct Line - were moved by a spirit of genuine fellow feeling for the stricken holidaymakers who had lost at best all their belongings and a place to stay: at worst, much more.

Hopefully travel insurers - and everyone else - won't have to deal with a situation like Asian tsunami again any time soon. In more general terms Norwich Union travel insurance offers benefits including up to £3,000 for holiday cancellation; up to £5,000 for emergency medical and associated expenses; personal liability cover of up to £2 million and cover for loss of passport or money (though if there is cover for lost and stolen possessions it's not obvious on from the policy summary). There's optional cover for golfing, skiing and scuba diving holidays and for pets.

Norwich Union insurance offer online quotes

For more information about Norwich union travel insurance, visit the website at You can get a quote online and, according to the site, save a substantial amount of money by buying your policy there too. And there are several useful links on the site. Before you decide on any insurance policy though, make sure you investigate as many options as you can. It's probably worth noting that Norwich Union is one of several financial institutions to be in the process of outsourcing some of its call centre operations, mainly to India.


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