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Columbus Direct was one of the companies which, when the Asian tsunami struck, realised that strictly speaking their clients would not necessarily be entitled to medical cover under the terms of their travel insurance policies. Wisely - but also to their credit - Columbus travel insurance decided to honour claims anyway.

Columbus is a specialist travel insurer

Columbus is a specialist travel insurer, and consequently can offer more flexible policies than some insurers. Columbus travel insurance schemes include single trip; annual; backpacker; ski travel; business travel and adventure travel. Several non-specialist insurers will not cater for travellers over 64 or with pre-existing medical conditions: Columbus does have schemes for people in these categories. As a sideline, they also do home and motor cover. Comprehensive and/or tailored cover can be more expensive than the one-size-fits-all variety, but it needn't be. Because Columbus sells directly to the public it claims that it can knock 60% off the premiums of some of its competitors. In any case, it's easy to get a quote for your individual needs on the site ( Before you choose any insurance policy, though, make sure you investigate as many options as you can - the extra time can be well worth it.

To learn more about Columbus travel insurance, visit the website at In the spirit of their intrepid namesake, Columbus will cover named high-risk sports such as bungee jumping, parachuting (presumably not the way Keanu Reeves does it in Point Break), and zorbing. This, apparently, is rolling down a hill in a giant padded ball. Each to their own.


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