Tours of Portugal

For anyone planning to travel to Portugal, tour operators can be not only a useful source of information, but also a valuable tool for planning and suggesting ideas for your holiday. Whilst some of you already know what you are looking for in your holiday, such as golf or surfing, wine or sunshine, others may be on the lookout for some new ideas and ways to spice up your summer vacation. Try something different, stick to your favourite locations but delve deep into Portugal's tour potential and really get to know this wonderful country.

Another benefit of organising a tour of Portugal is that you get to pick a theme and then have several itineraries drawn up for you. Take golf, for example. You may not be familiar with the best courses to suit your ability, where to get the best deal on green fees, the most beautiful locations and ideal hotels. Whether they are based in or just an expert on Portugal, tour operators will know just the place for you and will be delighted to discuss your preferences.

Increasingly popular in Portugal are wine tours where you discover the various wine regions and get to sample a fair amount of it on your way. This is a great way to learn more about a subject that interests you, from an oenologist's point of view of course, and to meet likeminded people on your way. Here lies one of the great benefits of a tour in Portugal: meeting new people and getting to know them as you explore the country together.

The word 'tour' suggests that you will be travelling around quite a lot but this is not always the case. Some tours are based on one specific area and you explore it in depth, learning about everything from the nature, history, architecture, traditions and gastronomy of the region.

These days it is becoming more and more important to be aware of and to look after our environment, particularly those popular with tourists because they suffer more stress than they are designed to withstand. Hence choosing ecological and environmentally friendly tours, such as walking tours rather than a jeep tour when on the search for interesting wildlife, will extend the life of our most beautiful habitats, protecting rare flora and fauna for years to come.

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