Car Hire in Portugal

Portugal has relatively low rates for rental cars and so you are likely to find cheap car hire in Portugal whatever method you use to find it. Perhaps the easiest is to take advantage of the many 'fly and drive' offers advertised by flight operators that have cheap car hire affiliates. This way you can deal with booking all aspects of your travel in one go, even taking care of it all online.

There is no need to worry about booking car hire way in advance though as all the major towns and airports have representatives from the largest car hire agencies so that you can organise your car hire when you arrive in Portugal if you wish. One of the advantages of the larger international firms is that you can pick up the car in say Lisbon, drive to the Algarve and then drop the car off at Faro airport rather than being obliged to take it back to where you started. A local agency, however, may charge less than a larger international firm so consider this as an option if you are sticking to one region or town.

Prices obviously vary depending who you hire your car from and during high season prices can increase by up to 30 per cent. On average you are looking at around €40-50 per day or €150-180 per week for the cheapest hire car with unlimited mileage. Remember to check what the age limit is for the driver, especially if you book online, because sometimes there is a premium for drivers who are under the age of 25 that the agency adds onto your bill but does not include in the original quote. Also, when you collect your car, check the brakes and insurance coverage. Don't leave anything valuable in the hire car as they are a prime target for thieves.

A few rules of the road to bear in mind when in Portugal are that people drive on the right; the speed limit is 50kph in towns, 90kph on normal roads and 120kph on highways and motorways. Vehicles approaching junctions from the right have priority unless a sign states otherwise, which causes mayhem at roundabouts with people cutting in. You should carry your documents in the glove compartment at all times so that you can show them to the police if stopped.

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