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When booking your Orlando airfare there are several things you'll need to take into consideration in order to get the most out of your holiday and your money. First of all you need to consider which Florida airport to fly into.

Orlando has two international airports, Orlando International Airport (MCO) which is 25 miles from Walt Disney World and 10 miles from Universal Studios, and the smaller Sandford Airport which is another 30-35 minutes farther from the main attractions. If you're arriving late or leaving early your distance from the airport might just make a difference in your choice of flights.

Cheap and discount Florida Flights

Orlando International Airport is one of the most user-friendly airports around and consistently scores high for customer satisfaction and value. With excellent facilities, plenty of space and good wheelchair access it's a breeze to use. However, the double baggage collection system for international arrivals can be a little confusing. Anyone arriving on international flights must collect their baggage as normal and proceed through immigration, then put their bags back on the second carousel for them to be transported to the main terminal where they can be collected again.

By comparison Sandford Airport is small and uncomplicated and although it's slightly further from the main attractions the whole arrival and departure process is quicker and easier and cancel out that extra transfer time. You'll also find more cheap or discount flights arriving here.

Other considerations when booking an airfare to Orlando are obviously cost and duration of stay. For tips on getting the best discount on Orlando flights see our page on that subject. When it comes to duration of stay however, the longer the better. There's so much to do in Orlando that a one week holiday will leave you rushing around trying to fit in as many theme parks as possible. Plan a two week trip for a more leisurely break where you can afford to intersperse some beach days, pool lounging or a spot of golf in between the theme parks.

It's also worth considering booking your Orlando airfare as part of a package. You may be able to get a better deal on flights and accommodation than you could if booking the two separately. You'll find more details on our package deals page.

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