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Chillingly expensive, shockingly scary and a test for everyone's patience, Orlando vacations are the one-stop holiday heaven that every child has dreamed of. You'll come away with painful blisters, an empty wallet and an aversion to ever lining up again but the glow in your children's eyes and the memories of the look on their faces when they first entered the Magic Kingdom really are priceless.

Orlando is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world and with good reason. There are more high-octane attractions, wildlife encounters and surreal, magical moments on offer here than any other place on earth. The theme parks constantly vie for more terrifying rides, more realistic recreations of freak weather events and natural disasters and a more utopian atmosphere for your dream family holiday.

Planning your dream family vacation in Orlando - Suggested Itineraries

There's so much to do and so many attractions on offer it can be overwhelming though and your best option is to plan your trip well in advance. To keep things simple you could opt for an all-inclusive vacation package or you can do it all independently. Either way plan well in advance - Orlando vacations can be ruined by indecision and family arguments over where to go and what to see. First of all you've got to admit you just can't do it all. Then decide what you can and can't fit in and make the most of your time in holiday heaven.

If the Tower of Terror sounds more appealing than the Kennedy Space Center then make the theme parks your focus but if you'd really like a few quiet days by the pool or on the beach, factor this in and plan to intersperse the thrills of the parks with some leisurely soaking up of the atmosphere on the area's fabulous beaches. Meet the Mouse, shock your body with high G-forces and get up close and personal with sharks, gators and manatees. The possibilities for entertainment are practically limitless on Orlando vacations.

To really enjoy your stay you'll have to suspend your disbelief while in Orlando and let yourself succumb wholeheartedly to the magic on offer. You'll soon find that it's hard to resist such charm and novelty though - even if it does come in garish colours and larger-than-life proportions. And if you truly believe in that Disney magic you might even find that those people in giant rodent costumes actually begin to appeal to you.

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