Oahu, Hawaii - The Gathering Place

Of all the islands of Hawaii, Oahu draws more people to its glimmering shores then any other. With its vivid sunsets, untamed wilderness, city lights and the gently swaying palms over golden beaches, Oahu is the paradise that Hawaii embodies. Oahu literally means 'the gathering place' and the island was indeed the meeting place of Hawaii's most infamous chiefs and royalty.

The name Oahu stems from the myth that surrounds its creation. When Papa, the Hawaiian earth mother, returned from her holiday in Tahiti she discovered that her husband, Wakea, was having an affair. Yet besides his playing around, he was foolish enough to impregnate Hina, a lovely young goddess who bore him island children. Papa was furious and to show him that two could play that game she took a handsome young lover named Lua. Their brief interlude yielded the child Oahu, sixth of the great island children.

Oahu's namesake island seems to have a magnetic pull and people are powerless to resist its charm. Oahu is the home to world-renowned cities and sights. Waikiki, the vibrant city that pulsates with life day and night, Honolulu, the economic and political centre of the Hawaiian state, Pearl Harbor, where a brutal attack in World War Two left thousands of American soldiers dead and the mighty waves of the North Shore, home to numerous international surfing competitions.

Oahu is home to about 870 000 people and nearly seven times that number visit the island each year, which makes Oahu by far the most popular tourist destination in the state. This makes the island a cultural melting pot with people from all over the world - all cultures, all races, and all ethnicities - descending on Oahu in droves to claim their spot of paradise.

Hawaii's Tourist Destination

If you are looking for a quiet, relaxing rest, Oahu offers some of the best spas and secluded beaches. If you want non-stop fun and adventure, try surfing the colossal waves of the Banzai Pipeline or scuba diving in the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean. The island offers an amazing diversity of activities and sights. From botanical gardens to military bases, from nightclubs to beach activities. There is an abundance of accommodation, dining and entertainment to meet all tastes and all budgets.

Whether it is a romantic escape for two or a dream family vacation, Oahu caters for your needs. You will leave with a renewed zest for life and a photo album full of happy memories.

Experience your little piece of paradise. Visit Oahu and let the island touch your soul. Aloha!

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