Having Your Wedding in Cancun

Apart from white sand under your toes; the azure waters of the Caribbean sparkling at your side; balmy, tropical temperatures; easy accessibility; myriad restaurants, nightlife options and shopping fun for all the guests. no reason.

How do I organise it?

You could do it yourself by contacting the Registro Civil (Civil Registrar) in Cancun, but it's far simpler to hire a local wedding planner. They can offer a range of services, from liaising with the authorities to sorting out locations, accommodation and catering. Some of the larger hotels also have dedicated co-ordinators.


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How do Cancun weddings work?

The weddings have two parts - the civil and the religious/non-denominational. It is the civil part that actually changes your status, and most countries in the world recognise marriages made in Mexico. The religious/non-denominational ceremony is not official.

And the fine print?

For the civil ceremony, you need passports, entry visas, birth certificates (or certified copies), blood tests (performed a maximum of 14 days before the service), divorce decrees or death certificates (if relevant) and four witnesses. All documents need to be translated into Spanish. This is why it's a good idea to have the blood tests in Cancun. And why it's useful to have a wedding-planner on your side. Allow three days in Cancun to sort out these arrangements.

For the religious ceremony, you need proof of the civil wedding, passports, visas, two witnesses and divorce decrees (if relevant). Many couples prefer to have the civil service in their own country and then come to Cancun for the religious/spiritual part.

If a non-Mexican marries a Mexican in Cancun, they require permission from the Mexican National Migration Institute.

Where does the wedding happen?

The default civil ceremony takes place in the offices of the Registro Civil on the mainland, but for an additional fee you can pretty much choose your location. The beaches are federal zones and are open to all.

If you want your Cancun wedding formalised in a church, you will have a struggle, since you must comply with various Catholic formalities.


Be aware that Cancun is the most popular place in Mexico for foreigners to get married and the prices charged for all aspects are correspondingly higher.

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