Mexico, Tourism and Discovery Holidays

When it comes to exploring Mexico, tourism opportunities are extensive and diverse. Listed below are a couple of different routes to take when exploring this flamboyant piece of paradise including some top relaxing mountain spa breaks, challenging wilderness hikes and serene eco-tourism trails.

Adventure and discovery holidays

Peurto Penasco : visit one of the most spectacular areas of the Picante Biosphere Reserve in Baja California. Climb the mountains and explore the giant volcanic craters that are teeming with wildlife.

Cabo San Lucas : this region of the Pacific North West is renowned for its marlin fishing, shark diving and spectacular underwater formations. Perfect for diving and fishing enthusiasts alike.

Paso de Cortes : serious mountaineers can climb the peak of Paso de Cortes (3400m). Prepare for the expedition in the comfort of your own forest cabin before setting off to conquer the outcrops and steep ledges of the mountain.

Nuevo Vallarta : visit Nuevo Vallarta beach just north of Peurta Vallata and experience the thrill of kayaking and swimming with dolphins.

Benito Juarez : hike the mountain trails near Benito Juarez and take in the spectacular view as the sun sets behind the jagged mountain peaks. Then set up camp on the shores of one of the area's freshwater lakes and fish for your dinner of fresh trout.

Peurto Escondido: jump on your surf board and conquer the Mexican pipeline at the world famous surfing beach at Peurto Escondido.

Puuc Hills: swim in the icy pools buried deep within the caves at near the famous Mayan archaeological site in the Puuc Hills.

Isla Cozumel: float between schools of brightly coloured fish and sea creatures as you snorkel and dive the world famous reefs at Isla Cozumel.

Eco Tourism in Mexico

Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary: witness millions of butterflies float through the air at the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary in the Michoacan Mountains near El Rosario.

Centro Ecologico el Tortugario : take a boat trip through the mangrove tunnels at the Centro Ecologico el Tortugario situated in the coastal resort town of Cuyutlan. Explore the nearby jungle and learn about the giant Cuyutlan turtles that are native to the area.

Veracruz : Discover the beauty of the untouched regions of Veracruz. Stand beneath the plummeting waterfalls at Eyipatla, watch the birds in the marshlands of Catemaco and visit the monkey island of Isla de los Changos.

Mazunte: take a trip to Mazunte just north of Zipolite and take in the treasures of the rocky pools and shallow lagoons in the area. Learn about the famous Golfina turtles and purchase natural products and cosmetics made by the locals.

Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve: visit the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve in the Yucatan. Dubbed 'the place where the sky was born', the reserve is the largest protected area in Mexico and features the longest reef in the Western hemisphere. Take a trip through the lagoons and mangrove swamps and experience the region's exotic birds and amazing wildlife.

Mexican Spa Breaks

Hacienda El Carmen : visit Hacienda El Carmen, the beautiful colonial hotel that was once a convent. Rejuvenate both mind and body at the hotel's luxury spa that features traditional Aztec sweat rooms.

La Gruta: lie back in the hot mineral springs at La Gruta near San Miguel de Allende as you gaze out at rolling lawns, banana trees and tumbling waterfalls.

Park Natural Villa Luz : soak weary bones in the spa pools and float beneath the cascading waterfalls at Park Natural Villa Luz spa in the Valley of Rio Oxoloton.

Hacienda Los Azufres : spoil yourself and book into the Hacienda Los Azufres spa west of Teapa. Cycle through the nearby villages and indulge in exotic dishes such as alligator at the spa's restaurant.

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