Mexico's Resorts - Cabanas to Hostels

Throughout Mexico resorts are varied and unique. Whether you are looking for a rustic retreat that allows you to expose your senses to the splendor of the wilderness or a luxury spa where you can be pampered like never before, you are sure to find something to suit your taste in Mexico.

The wealthy and well-known usually head straight for the luxury resorts and hotels in regions such as Cancun, Acapulco and Cozumel. Resorts in these areas are large scale and offer terrific deals all year round. More often than not they have their own stretch of beach and offer an extensive range of watersports and activities including diving, parasailing, fishing, snorkeling, tennis and golf. Popular choices include the Ritz Carlton in Cancun and the Iberostar in Cozumel. Guests can expect to pay in excess of $150 per night at luxury resorts such as these, with top of the range rooms costing as much as $700 per room per night.

If money is no issue but you would prefer to stay in a less commercial location you could always book into a hacienda in a less well-known area of Mexico. Playa del Carmen and Campeche are popular destinations that are just as spectacular as large coastal towns, but slightly smaller and usually far quieter. Hacienda hotels are usually classically decorated colonial style buildings set in tranquil surroundings. Most feature on-site spas and romantic restaurants serving exotic dishes. Rooms at top estates such as Xanatun on the outskirts of Merida and Uayamon near Campeche usually cost close to $500 per room per night, while slightly less opulent haciendas such as Blanca Flor located between Merida and Campeche cost closer to $250 per room per night.

Another option when it comes to resorts in Mexico is to stay in a beach cabana. Cabanas are usually situated on quieter beaches and therefore offer more in terms of privacy and tranquility. Most have palm roofs, wooden furnishings and kitchenettes. There is usually a bar and snack room and some cabana hotels also offer a bed and breakfast option. More economical cabana hotels such as Cabanas Paamul in Playa de Carmen can be booked for under $75 per night, while lavish versions such as the Cabanas Maria del Mar in Isla Mujeres cost closer to $150 per night. The more luxurious cabana hotels often offer optional extras such as health treatments, massages and yoga classes on the beach.

Hostels, Holidays on a Budget

Finally, for those traveling on a tight budget, there is an abundance of hostels and camping sites throughout Mexico both in resort towns and out of the way areas. Most are clean and comfortable and in some hostels the more expensive rooms have their own bathrooms. Bargain meals and packages are often offered and most campsites have delightful bars nearby where you can really get a taste of rustic Mexican living. Look for hostels that are affiliated to the Mexican Hostel Association such as the Nomadas Hostel in Merida. In most cases you will be able to book a room for under $25 dollars per night and in some cases you may even get a bargain at under $10 per night. If you are planning to take your vacation at a campsite during the warmer months, consider booking a hammock rather than a tent. Fall asleep looking at the star studded sky while you swing gently between two palm trees and listen to the sound of the ocean.

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