Puerto Vallarta Villas - Rental Accommodation

In Puerto Vallarta villas represent the luxury side of holiday accommodation, and there's certainly plenty of luxury on offer. Whether you're looking for six bedrooms, panoramic views, your own Jacuzzi or 24-hour maid service, it's possible to find Puerto Vallarta villas that have all these features and more. The most sought-after villas in Puerto Vallarta are those that overlook Banderas Bay, while a swimming pool also makes a villa more desirable to visitors. A six-bedroom villa with a view of the bay usually costs between $600 and $1000 per person per night, depending on the extras such as maid service, swimming facilities and size of rooms. Other luxury extras sometimes include use of a golf course and use of a beach club.

There are also many villa resorts in Puerto Vallarta, where you can rent an apartment as part of a villa complex, and enjoy the benefits without having to hire out a whole villa. A single room in a Puerto Vallarta villa resort usually costs between $100 and $200 per night. For that money, expect to get air conditioning and cable TV, as well as use of the resort's swimming pool. Most villa resorts also offer suites - more expensive, but you usually get an en-suite bathroom and sometimes kitchen facilities too.

Some places are a cross between a privately hired villa and a villa resort. For example, Villa Mia is a massive waterfront villa with superb views of the bay. You can't just book one room, as you would in most other villa resorts; bookings are for a minimum of five rooms. There's nothing (except your budget) to stop you booking all thirteen rooms; if you are traveling with a large enough group to do this, it would give the feeling of a privately hired villa despite actually being a villa resort. Outside the villa, there is a heart-shaped Jacuzzi big enough to hold sixteen people, as well as a swimming pool. There are four terraces, two bars and a gym. As you can imagine, such a place doesn't come cheap; expect to pay between $1500 and $3200 per person per night.

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