Puerto Vallarta Travel Packages - Suggested Itineraries

When visiting Puerto Vallarta, travel packages may save you a lot of money. There is plenty of choice, so you have a good chance of finding a deal to suit you. As a general rule, the more elements of a package you book together, the more money you save overall. With some deals, you can pay less for airfare and accommodation than you would normally pay for the accommodation alone.

You can book all-inclusive travel packages from various sources: resorts, tour operators and Internet companies. The all-inclusive resorts on Puerto Vallarta's coast usually include food and drinks in their prices. Most offer deals on air fares too. The rise of the Internet has led to the declining popularity of tour operators, but you should still include a couple of quotes from them when you're making your comparisons. Finally, Internet sites such as Expedia allow you to put together a package for yourself.

Visitors to Puerto Vallarta usually come for the choice of activities on offer: snorkeling and scuba diving, for example. Because of this, Puerto Vallarta travel packages are available specifically for people who enjoy watersports, fishing or even cycling. Don't be afraid to ask for a package geared to your particular interest - if it's a popular activity, the resort or tour operator probably already offers such a deal.

Remember that Puerto Vallarta travel packages aren't necessarily the same as escorted tours. Booking a package tour doesn't commit you to a rigid schedule; it just means that you're buying the different elements of your trip together to save money. However, if you prefer a structured trip, this kind of package is available too. Travel packages are actually cheaper at the more popular time of year (the winter months). This is because air access is easier during those months. However, if you want to avoid package deals and book everything separately, the peak season is more expensive for Puerto Vallarta travel.

When booking a Puerto Vallarta travel package, always check the small print to see what exactly is included in the price. For example, a fishing package deal might include free boat trips, but require you to provide your own rods and bait. You should also prepare for the unexpected; as the holiday motto goes, "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst." If you had to cancel, would you get your money back? Many travelers take out cancellation insurance for peace of mind.

Finally, you need to decide when to book. It's usually a toss-up between booking well in advance and booking at the last minute. Last-minute deals can be excellent value, but it's more risky to rely on these, because if there aren't any available at your time of booking, you will end up paying a lot more money for your holiday.

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