Flights to Puerto Vallarta, Mexcio

Puerto Vallarta Mexico is one of the busiest air hubs in Mexico, which is good news for anyone planning to fly there. There are flights to Puerto Vallarta from all major UK airports, from all over the US, and from various other parts of Mexico. Some airports, including Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle, offer several daily flights directly to Puerto Vallarta. Others, such as Chicago and St Louis, only a few flights a week.

Because of the shorter distances involved, flights from the southern states tend to be cheaper and shorter (as well as more frequent) than flights from the northern states.

UK travellers can expect to be in the air between 13 to 14 hours, and pay anything between £400 and £800 for a direct return ticket. Often it works out cheaper to fly to US first.

As a general rule, a direct flight from Houston or San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta Mexico takes less than three hours, while a direct flight from Chicago takes about four and a half hours. Expect to pay between USD$350 and USd$500 (including taxes and fees) for a round trip from an airport in one of the southern states, while round trips from northern states cost between USD$450 and USD$1000. As with most long flights, you pay less if you're prepared to make a stop or two on the way, while direct journeys cost more.

Puerto Vallarta airport is about a mile and a half north of the city centre. If you're hiring a car, you can drive straight down the coastal highway to the city. Airport taxis come right up to the door to the airport, which is convenient if you've got heavy luggage, and cost around $12 for journeys to the city centre. If you can wheel or carry your luggage a few yards to the nearest bus stop, you will save a lot of money on the journey, as buses to town only cost about 25¢. If you're heading downtown, take a bus marked Centro. If you're heading to Olas Altas, you should take a bus marked either "Tunnel" or simply "Olas Altas", as these will take you there quickly via the bypass.

The bus network in Puerto Vallarta Mexico is good; there are frequent buses between the town centre and the main hotel district, and there is also a service between the town centre and the beaches to the south. There are also buses for long distance journeys to places such as Mexico City and Acapulco. Catch them from the Central Camionera, a large, air-conditioned bus station which is found about two and a half miles north of the town centre.

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