Flights to Mexico - Booking Options

Finding flights to Mexico is not difficult and flying into the country is far quicker and easier than traveling by land or sea. There are various ways to go about finding a flight to Mexico, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

Online booking agencies are without a doubt the most popular way to find a flight to Mexico. Booking online is quick and convenient and cuts costs by eliminating the need to pay commission fees. Popular online booking sites include Cheapflights, Cheaptickets, Travelocity, Lastminute and Expedia. Alternatively you can also book through an online auction site which allows you to bid for your ticket. Skyauction and Priceline are two of the better-known auction sites to visit.

Travel agents usually charge commission fees and are usually less economical than booking online. The advantage of booking through an agent however, lies in the fact that they often offer combined packages which include travel insurance and car rental. If you are a pensioner or a student it is also possible to get discount tickets through travel agents that are often not available online. Recommended travel companies include eXito, Now Voyager and Travel Avenue. STA Travel is a worldwide company that offers great deals for students and youth travelers.

Booking directly through airlines is usually not a recommended option as airlines seldom have cheap deals themselves. On the odd occasion however, airlines do offer discounted tickets. This is especially true in the low season when flights are difficult to fill. Late November to early April is usually the best period to contact airlines and enquire about discount tickets. American, Delta, Aero México, United and US airlines are just some of the carriers that are known to cut ticket prices during the low season.

The peak season includes Christmas, New Year, Easter and from June to September. During the high season airlines seldom offer discount deals and so is usually a better option to check the travel section of newspapers for consolidators. Consolidators make block bookings on flights and then sell tickets at a discounted rate to the public. Another alternative is booking a charter flight or arranging a courier flight. Both options are likely to be cheaper than booking through airlines and travel companies but carry the disadvantage of not allowing you to choose your departure date or time and carrying heavy penalties should you decide to withdraw after making a booking. In the case of courier flights you will probably also need to restrict the length of your stay in Mexico.

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