Cozumel Weather Forecast and Climate

The good news about Cozumel weather is that it rarely gets too chilly. If you're chilled by icy winters at home, Cozumel offers a reliable source of warmth. The average annual temperature is 81F, dropping to around 77F between November and May. If that sounds a little too hot, bear in mind that there are plenty of refreshing breezes to stop you from baking.

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So when should you visit Cozumel? Although opinion differs as to when the peak tourist season is, it tends to be in the slightly cooler months between Thanksgiving and April. Springtime is particularly popular. This means, of course, that you are more likely to get off-peak deals on flights between May and November.

So should you go during that period? You will probably save money on flights, but the temperature will be a couple of degrees higher, which might make the difference between deliciously warm and uncomfortably hot if you're a temperature-sensitive traveller.

All the luxury hotels (and most of the mid-priced ones) in Cozumel have air-conditioning, so the heat shouldn't keep you awake at night. But don't forget that Mexico has a rainy season, which extends from April to October or November. Cozumel weather is also occasionally prone to storms, which usually happen between July and October. These storms usually involve high winds and a lot of rain, so it is unpleasant to be caught out in one, but the sunshine quickly returns afterwards. Between July and November is also the hurricane season, so you should be aware of the possibility of a hurricane during this period.

Whatever time of the year you go, be on guard against sunstroke. Of course, there are hotter holiday destinations in the world, but it's still dangerous to be complacent. Limit your time in the sun - avoid going outside between noon and 3pm - and cover up with a hat. Sunscreen helps to protect your skin, but the only thing that can help you avoid sunstroke is to seek shade whenever temperatures climb too high.

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