Cozumel Rental Properties - Holiday Accommodation

Cozumel rental properties are an alternative to staying in a hotel, particularly if you're thinking of staying in Cozumel for a long holiday. The kind of property you choose depends on your budget and your requirements, but there is a wide variety available. Everything from oceanfront villas with their own swimming pools to town-centre accommodation is available to rent in Cozumel.

When you're looking for Cozumel rental properties, think about exactly what you want before making a decision. For example, you might think that you really want a private swimming pool, but if you're renting somewhere very near the beach, will you really be using the pool that often? People renting a property further away from the beach are often tempted to pay extra for a private swimming pool, but you will save hundreds of dollars if you are prepared to share a pool with the occupants of nearby properties.

At the more expensive end of the market, you might pay between $1000 and $3000 for a week in a three-bedroom oceanfront villa. For $1000 or more, expect to get a Jacuzzi, access to a swimming pool, a fully equipped kitchen and maid service. For around $2000, you should get other extras such as Internet access, a hot tub and spa. If you're paying around the $3000 mark, expect a private swimming pool as well as the other facilities mentioned. Smaller properties by the sea are less expensive. Prices for a three-bedroom apartment start at around $700 a week.

The cheapest Cozumel rental properties are to be found in the town centre. A one-bedroom, one-bathroom property there costs around $500 a week. For the money, you should get air conditioning, cable TV, a fully equipped kitchen and purified water. You might also get use of a shared swimming pool. A two-bedroom place with use of a pool will probably cost around $900 a week, but remember that you may be able to get three or four people into a one-bedroom property if there is a futon in the living area.

A final word of warning: there are many timeshare salespeople in Cozumel, intent on gaining commission by selling to you. You can bump into them anywhere, but they particularly like to frequent the beaches near all-inclusive resorts. The deals they offer are rarely good value, so even if you're thinking of buying a timeshare, say "no" politely and do your own shopping around.

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