Flights to Cozumel, Mexico

The Cozumel Mexico airport is both a blessing and a curse. It's thought that the town used to be a Mayan centre, a focal point for trade among the ancient people of Mexico. However, almost all the interesting historical evidence of this was destroyed during World War II when the United States army built an airbase. However, the airfield did bring wealth to Cozumel; the airbase was converted to a civilian airport and many visitors arrive by air.

UK travelers will first touch down at Cancun. (click here for more information)

If you choose to fly to Cozumel Mexico, there are direct flights from all over the US. Prices and flight times vary depending on exactly where your departure airport is in the US. Flights from southern states might be as short as two hours, but flights from more northerly states might take as long as thirteen hours. Expect to pay at least USD$1000 for your flight, although agreeing to stopovers will keep the cost of your flight down. The airport isn't in the centre of town, so you will have to spend a few dollars on the VW combi service to get you into the centre. You might have wondered what all those VW vans are doing - the answer is that they're a mixture of a taxi and a bus service. You can flag one down by the side of the road.

There is a commuter flight from Cancun to Cozumel. This commuter flight takes about 20 minutes and costs around USD$100. A cheaper, but more time-consuming solution is to get a bus or taxi from Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen and then catch the ferry to Cozumel Mexico from there. The bus or taxi journey to Playa del Carmen takes about two hours. A taxi will cost you around USD$60, but the bus costs less than USD$10. Ferries leave from Playa del Carmen for Cozumel roughly every two hours. The cost is around USD$9 for a single journey and roughly USD$15 for a round trip. The ferry ride takes about 40 minutes. One advantage of getting the ferry is that it drops you off right in the centre of town.

Once you get to Cozumel town, it isn't hard to get around. You should be able to get around the town centre on foot. However, there isn't much public transport, so for longer journeys you will need to rent a car, use taxis or join a guided tour. Some cenotes (beautiful pools of water) are accessible only by horseback.

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