Cheap Hotels in Cozumel - Budget Accommodation

If you're looking for hotels in Cozumel Mexico, you will probably have found that there are two kinds: the expensive, all-inclusive hotels on the coast, and the cheaper places in the town centre. Our page on Cozumel hotels gives a general overview, but this page is about cheaper options.

You won't find hotels in Cozumel Mexico that are cheaper than USD$20 per person per night for a double room. (Single travelers pay more per person, but this is the case in almost every holiday destination.) Expect to pay a minimum of USD$30 per person per night for a double room in a clean, reputable hotel. Don't expect to get a private balcony or a minibar for that price, but you should be able to get a comfortable bed and cable TV. Pepita is one of the more popular budget hotels in Cozumel Mexico. Expect to pay around USD$30 per person per night at this family-owned hotel. All rooms have air-conditioning and cable TV.

Moving slightly up the budget scale, Palapas Amaranto offers a choice between three one-storey palapas (Caribbean-style thatched huts) and a tower containing two apartments suites. In high season, you pay around USD$50 per person per night to stay in one of the huts and about USD$60 for an apartment suite in the tower. Suites have the same facilities as the huts, but they are bigger and there are good views from the first floor suite. In all rooms, you get a bathroom with shower, use of the swimming pool, use of a barbecue area and a private kitchenette with fridge and microwave. All rooms have cable TV and air-conditioning. The one-storey huts are built in the Mayan tradition, but the tower is an odd variation on this, and many visitors are rather taken aback at the sight of a decorated tower with a roof better suited to a Caribbean hut. Still, the décor inside is bright and warm. All buildings are arranged around the pretty courtyard and pool.

The Hotel Suites Colonial is another budget option; prices start at USD$40 per person per night. You'll find it in the heart of the downtown area, which makes it very convenient for restaurants, shopping and nightlife. Standard rooms have a shower and a fridge.

Two final things to remember about cheap hotels in Cozumel Mexico:

  • Room rates vary depending on the season, so you will be able to get a better deal in the quieter months (between May and Thanksgiving).
  • The oceanfront in the town centre has no beach and is too busy for swimming. This means that you'll pay less for proximity to the water or ocean views than you would if you were staying on the coast.

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