Cancun's Resorts

Cancun's resorts are concentrated on Isla Cancun (the island) with over a 100 hotels lining the beaches and overlooking the Caribbean Sea. In the city you'll find other which are generally better for budget holiday makers. Isla Cancun is virtually surrounded by water with the sea on one side and the Nitchupte lagoon on the other. Due to its narrow shape, every hotel has a view of both the ocean and the lagoon, however, this does not guarantee that every room has a sea or lagoon view, not even the best hotels can offer that. It does mean that every hotel has access to its own section of beach. In Mexico all beaches are public property so you can perch yourself on any beach along the length of the island and use any hotel lobby to gain access to the beach.

Most Cancun resorts are in good condition but there are a few that are not quite up to scratch. The best way to find a resort is by using Mexico's stars and diamonds hotel ratings. Five diamonds is the best the rating a hotel can get and means it adheres to the strictest requirements. Four star hotels are usually just as good but are perhaps a little less lavish. Four stars normally indicate lower prices but the quality of the rooms and service is still high. The standards of Cancun resorts are generally quite high but you may want to consider a lower star hotel if you're traveling on a budget or don't plan to spend much time in your room.

The best thing to do, especially for those looking at cheaper accommodation, is to look for online hotel reviews. These will give you a better idea of what past guests thought of the rooms, service and food.

Most hotels offer rooms with air conditioning but sometimes these are optional so double check before you book. In the more expensive hotels air conditioning will normally be in good working order but in more moderate accommodations they can be noisy and inefficient. So if you're looking for a budget holiday outside the hottest summer months then you may be better off with just a ceiling fan.

Tips on getting a good room:

Always ask about a corner room, these can be spacious and quieter with more windows and sometimes cost the same as standard rooms. Ask if they are currently renovating and request a room away from the construction. If you want a quiet room, ask for one away from vending machines, elevators, bars, restaurants. Request a room that has been recently redecorated. If you're not happy with your room when you arrive say so, hotels are usually happy to move you if they can. Some travelers may be happy to pay less for a room with a less spectacular view, particularly if they don't intend on spending much time in it. If you want good views, request it. Always ask about what is included in the price of the room otherwise you may end up being charged for towels, beach chairs, safety deposit boxes and other amenities. Find out how far the hotel is from shopping malls, nightclubs and other activities you may wish to be close to.

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