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In Cancun, hotels dominate the island with numbers too numerous to mention. In the early 1970s Isla Cancun was an almost completely unoccupied stretch of island beach. By the end of 1974 the Mexican government had added city infrastructure and three hotels. Hordes of international hoteliers descended upon the tiny spit of land to claim their piece of the action and so the flourishing resort was born. Many of these international giants have made extravagance the main theme and lavishly decorated suites are offered as part of all-inclusive packages. Hotels such as the Ritz-Carlton, the Hilton, Fiesta Americana and Le Meridien are examples of some of the more opulent, but very expensive, establishments that line some of the best beaches on the island.

More moderate accommodation can be found in the city where independently-owned Cancun hotels are available at lower prices. Cancun Hideaways offers luxury lodgings, downtown apartments and condos are ideal for family holidays or groups of travelers looking to share costs.

Cheap Cancun hotels are available in the form of hostel rooms. The best hostel is on Calle Palmeras in downtown Cancun. With decent rooms, Internet access, bike rental and laundry at a far more reasonable price, it's a good option. This would be an ideal choice for younger travels as the hostel has a friendly and vibrant atmosphere making it a good place to meet new people. For more information click here.

Most people tend to choose hotels according package deals and special offers but there are other things to consider when choosing a hotel. Most of the action, such as nightlife, restaurants and shopping, tend to be concentrated on the north side of the island between Plaza Flamingo and Punta Cancun. Ciudad Cancun, where there is plenty to see and do, is also very close to Punta Cancun and can easily be reached by public transport. This means that hotels on the south end of the island will be further from the action and therefore will be able to offer quieter rooms.

Another thing to consider is the condition of the sea. Beaches along the northern edge of the island are calm and ideal for swimming whereas beaches along the eastern shores have choppier conditions in windy weather and are sometimes subject to dangerous undertows.

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