Airfares to Cancun - Your Guide

Cancun airfares vary depending on who you fly with, what time of year you fly and who you book through. Speaking to travel agencies, searching online and keeping an eye on the travel section of the papers are all ways of going about finding good deals and cheap flights.

It is possible to fly to Cancun from most major airports in the UK, with a few European travellers choosing to stop off in popular US cities such as Miami, Dallas, Houston and Los Angeles. Major airlines flying to Cancun include Aeromexico, Air France, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, BMI British Midland, Continental Airlines, Delta, Iberia, KLM, Lufthansa, United Airlines, US Airways and Virgin.

Cancun airfares range between £250 (US$600) to over £520 (US$1300) on average from Europe. Lower fares may be offered, particularly for students, but generally fares do not tend to go any lower then £250 (US$600), airport taxes are often not included. Flying from the USA is far cheaper.

The best place to find discounted airfares is online. This is because the Internet allows tickets to be sold directly to the customer, cutting out the agents and middlemen. Airlines will often offer exclusive online deals at prices that you won't get over the phone, but always read the small print. Some cheap airfares will come with restrictions such as advance booking, a set number of days, specific dates and severe cancellation fees if you change your plans.

When searching for flights online, do more than one search and change the dates and times you use in the search criteria. Quite often prices differ depending on the day and time you fly. Sometimes just moving the return flight date by a couple of days can make a huge difference. Booking in advance is a wise plan because low-priced seats are limited. Flying mid-week and staying over a Saturday night can also make flights cheaper so try and keep your schedule as flexible as possible.

A good place to begin your online search is to check the well-known travel site names, such as Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz. Also always check airline websites for special offers. Another way to get cheap flight online is to 'bid' for them. Priceline and Hotwire both offer a 'fare bidding' option.

The Internet isn't the only place to find cheaper Cancun airfares and good deals. Newspapers can be a very good resource to spot a good deal. Check the travel section of Sunday papers as this is where consolidators and airlines will advertise some of their best deals. Consolidators can offer good prices because they buy up flight tickets in bulk and then resell them to the public. Be aware, however, that most of these tickets are non-refundable or carry heavy cancellation fees of up to 75 percent. Another thing to double check before committing yourself is the airline the ticket is with. It is usually best to stick with better-known names such as FlyCheap.

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