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The Knights of Malta - H.J.A. Sire

Publisher: Yale University Press, 1996

This is a complete history of the Order of St John, the famous Knights of Malta, which made the island its home in the 1500s. The Order began during the Crusades and the book delves into its origins, through its historical significance and all the way through to its modern day presence. Plenty of illustrations and information make this good reading for anyone wanting to explore the Knights' legacy.

Fortress Malta : An Island Under Siege 1940-1943 - James Holland

Publisher: Miramax Books, 2003

For three years during World War II the tiny island nation of Malta was under siege for control of its strategically important location between Europe and North Africa. The island was bombed more heavily than any other area during the war, and this book details the efforts of Maltese locals and British and American soldiers to hold out against the bombing. Malta's entire population would later receive the George Cross, the highest award for heroism which can be awarded to civilians by the British Government. Holland put his book together with photographs, diaries, interviews and letters from the time, and gives this historical conflict a very human element.

The Kappillan of Malta - Nicholas Monsarrat

Publisher: Cassell, 2001

This novel, set in Malta during the time of its World War II bombardment, centres around Father Salvatore and his work helping the island's needy citizens as bombs rain down around them.

The Dive Sites of Malta, Gozo and Comino - Lawson Wood

Publisher: New Holland Publishers UK, 1999

Malta is one of the Mediterranean's prime diving sites, and this book outlines the quality of diving and specific dive sites one can expect to find there. The book also provides tourist information about Malta, as well as on underwater photography and the surrounding marine environment.

Secrets of the Seven Smallest States in Europe: Andorra, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City - Thomas Eccardt

Publisher: Hippocrene Books, 2004

With a land mass of a mere 316 square kilometres, Malta rightly claims its place amongst Europe's smallest nations. This book investigates how the little nations hold their own surrounded by the continent's big guns. How do they retain a sense of history and culture? Read up on the history of each of the seven small nations and how they share similar characteristics despite their obvious diversity.


Everything about the Maltese Islands (

This is a comprehensive website and a good resource to begin planning your holiday in Malta. You'll find plenty of suggestions to make the most of your holiday with things to see and do, when to arrive on the island and heaps of information whether you're keen on walking, diving or wine tasting. As a bonus the site is neatly laid out, very easy to navigate.

The Times (

Read up on the island's news through this online version of one of its newspapers. Inside you'll find the latest news on business, weather, current Maltese events, football and even the letters page.

Malta Football Association (

The Malta Football Association was formed in 1863 and continues to support the island's national sport to this day. On their official website you'll find details of national and international fixtures, press releases and upcoming events.

Malta Weather (

This site has been providing 24 hour weather readings since 1998, and can send you updates via SMS - as well as severe weather warnings. You'll also find traditional and marine forecasts, chart and satellite images, and rainfall readings.

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