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Gozo is an idyllic island steeped in history. Its leisurely pace of life, welcoming locals and breathtaking landscapes make it a popular destination with both holidaymakers and those looking to buy a property. In fact, there is now such a substantial property market on Gozo that companies exist solely for the purpose of assisting foreigners with their purchase. Some even organise flight and accommodation packages especially for that market, will pick you up from the airport and take you to view a number of properties carefully selected from your requirements.

Most property is constructed from the local cream-coloured limestone and blend effortlessly into the environment. The majority of villas contain a wealth of features and are packed with the facilities you'd expect from a Mediterranean home; terraced gardens, sun-trap courtyards and of course the all important swimming pool no one in their right mind would be without.

When Malta entered the EU in 2004, property became easier to purchase and this no doubt was the reason for the surge in property prices. However, this boom is most definitely now over. But if you are considering investing in Gozo realestate make sure you follow these simple steps:

Before you begin your hunt for a property, be sure you know what purpose it's going to serve. What you want from a relocation home, holiday home or rental property will be quite different.

Think carefully about where on the island you want to be and consider the realities of living there. Remote and quiet may be great for a couple of days 'away from it all' but perhaps not great for permanent relocation.

If you're buying with the intent of letting out the property, consider how desirable your property will be both in terms of location and style. Most people looking to stay on Gozo want a property that reflects some of the local character, and which retains a bit of rustic charm. For this reason, investing in an older property is likely to prove more lucrative than a modern build.

Check out the credentials of your estate agent. There are a number of agents selling property in Malta and Gozo, the majority of which are kosher but make sure you're not the one taken for a ride by the cowboys.

Buying property abroad is notoriously more complex than in the UK and full of holes that can trap the unsuspecting buyer. Ensure you get a decent lawyer who knows about Maltese property law to give you some specialist help.

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