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Europe is a smaller place thanks to the large number of budget airlines that have sprung up over recent years and the increase in airline competition is great news for anyone looking for flights to Malta. Whereas Malta was once fairly expensive to get to and consequently lost out to the cheaper destinations of Greece and southern Spain, flights are now easy to find and have come down in price.

Direct flights operate from most countries in mainland Europe. Major airlines with services to the island include KLM, Lufthansa and Swissair, but Malta's national airline Air Malta dominates the flights market. In contrast to the others, Air Malta operates direct flights to cities south of the island as well as north, to destinations such as Damascus and Cairo.

Flights from the UK depart from a variety of airports around the country (both chartered and scheduled) including London Gatwick, Heathrow, Bristol, Doncaster, Sheffield, Newcastle and Glasgow to mention but a few. During the summer months, the number of aircraft flying to Malta goes through the roof to keep up with soaring visitor numbers. Flight bargains may not be as abundant during quieter periods, but they are still around and this is when booking early will really pay off.

Charter flights are another competitive option, but have a number of disadvantages including limited flights and fixed departure and return dates. If you're travelling with young children you may not be asked to pay the full price of a seat, depending on the airline you fly with. Often, if the child is under 2 years old, they will not be allocated a seat and instead required to sit on an adults lap and use a special seat belt provided by the airline.

Aircrafts land at Malta International Airport in Luqa, 5km outside the capital city Valletta. The airport is well equipped with ATMs, an array of eating places, retail shops and foreign exchange booths as well as bus and taxi services into the city. The airport has its own tourist office, open daily, which will assist booking accommodation and tours if desired.

Gozo has its own helicopter based at Xewkija from where it operates flights to Malta's airport in Luga. Helicopter flights are a 10 minute luxury and certainly expensive compared to the alternative 20 minute ferry option. But for a special view of Malta and a flight to remember, consider it an investment.

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