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Majorca's weather patterns range from the baking extremes of July and August, when the mercury can rise above 40 degrees, to the cold of a winter in the Serra de Tramuntana. With an average of 300 days of sun every year, the weather on the island is certainly one of the tourism industry's main selling points and holidays are geared towards the outdoor life. You would not want to be stuck in a resort hotel for a drizzly week in October, but that remains an unlikely scenario.

For many visitors, the best time to visit the island will be the shoulder seasons: May-June and September-October. Not only does travel during these periods avoid the mayhem of the midsummer crowds, but the heat does not forbid daytime sporting exertions, the nights become less stifling (especially for those without air-conditioning) and the landscape looks less parched.

Spring is reckoned to be the most enjoyable time of year for hiking and cycling, and indeed many professional cycling teams come in February and March for training. At this time the landscape is beginning to bloom, the Majorca weather should be quite dry, and the days are warm enough to make non-water-based activities enjoyable. The springtime blossoming of the almond trees and orange groves also provides an inspiring landscape for artists; although artists should also be aware that Majorcan landscapes can be more spectacular in winter light.

Majorca weather patterns mean that autumn enjoys similar temperatures to spring. There are two main differences, however. The sea will be warmer, which can make this a more enjoyable time to come for a beach holiday. But on the down side, this is also the stormy season - October is Majorca's wettest month by some distance - and visitors risk having to spend time indoors.

Birdwatchers will enjoy both spring and autumn because flocks of migrating birds stop on the island en route to or from Africa.

The winter climate can be quite cold, especially higher up in the mountains. Frédèric Chopin and George Sand suffered the worst of Majorca weather when they spent the winter of 1838-39 feeling miserable in Valldemossa. Lower down towards sea level, however, you should be able to sit outside in shirtsleeves during the day, as the mountains of the north-west tend to halt the cold winds.

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