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Relocating to Majorca is an attractive move and one that many people make each year. The year round sunshine, high standard of living, phenomenal infrastructure, sandy beaches, the lure of the old steeped in the culture of the new. The list is endless. But choose the wrong property in Majorca and your lifetime of relaxation could turn into a long-term nightmare.

If you've only visited the island for holidays before, it would be wise to consider renting a property in Majorca before you buy. That way, you'll gain a clearer picture of what you want from an area. We tend to see things through rose-tinted glasses when on holiday. By actually living in a country temporarily before making the decision to relocate you can gain a clearer view of what an area has to offer, as well as what it lacks.  

It's important to try to clearly envisage any changes that might occur in the future before investing in a property. Is the size of your family likely to increase? If schools and hospitals aren't important to you now, they might be in ten years' time. Are there good links to transport and local amenities? If you're relocating to Majorca to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city an isolated plot of land in the middle of nowhere can seem very attractive, but after time the novelty could wear off and you may find yourself thoroughly bored.  

Choose your area well and bear in mind that winter temperatures vary greatly on different parts of the island. While the south and west parts of Majorca are hot for most months, the north and east are colder, and tend to operate on a six-month year.

The idea of quaint locals sipping coffee in the villages might seem attractive but, in reality, if these are your sole acquaintances, you might find yourself shut out from social life. While some may espouse the idea of relocating to Majorca to be surrounded by fellow expatriates, many enjoy this type of existence and enjoy relations with their neighbours that they never had at home.

So, choose carefully and methodically and you might just find yourself living the picture postcard, charmed life you've always dreamt about.

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