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Love it or hate it, Magaluf probably encapsulates the Majorcan stereotype more effectively than anywhere else on the island. High-rise hotels and apartment blocks line an impressive sandy beach, with bars, restaurants and discos - often bursting with British tourists - tucked underneath and round about.

Despite its popularity with visitors Magaluf is barely mentioned by the guidebooks because most people come here to sit on the beach and go out to the bars and discos. It has no pretensions to culture or beauty, so there's not a lot of useful guiding to be done.

In the mid 1990s the local council pulled down 20 of the grottiest hotels in a bid to raise the tone of the resort, but this remains a big piece of England abroad. It's a popular stag- and hen-do location, and there are wet T-shirt competitions and pub crawls aplenty.

Magaluf is at its noisiest from June to September and some hotels openly admit that families would not want to stay with them during this period. In the winter months, however, many of the rowdier nightspots close down and the hotels market themselves to an older crowd. Remember, the average November temperature is still 18 degrees.

The focus of attention is the one-kilometre beach, a clean, well-maintained tract of white sand. Kite surfing, jet skiing and parascending can all be arranged from here, and there is tennis and karting nearby, plus the popular Aquacity waterpark on the edge of the resort.

The permutations for evening entertainment are endless, but Magaluf's must-see is the Pirates Adventure themed dinner/show. This is an excellent place to take the family, apart from on the weekly adults' night - usually Sunday.

If you want to get away from Magaluf, Palma is very accessible and buses leave every half-hour. Alternatively, the no. 50 is a sightseeing bus which visits all the main attractions in Palma before returning to Magaluf. The resort's tourist office (C/ Pere Vaquer Ramis 1, tel 971 131 126) can provide more information.

It should be impossible to be surprised by Magaluf because its reputation goes before it. There are some family-friendly spots towards the edges of the resort, but this is essentially a place for the 18-30 brigade; it's not particularly pretty, and nobody seems to care.

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