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First things first: there are no flights to Magaluf. There is only one airport on the island of Majorca, and that is Palma de Mallorca International a few kilometres to the east of Palma. If you want to go on holiday to Magaluf, it is to Palma that you will be heading from the UK.

The good news is that Magaluf is very accessible from the airport. Some east coast resorts demand a two-hour coach trip, whereas Magaluf is just 13 kilometres to the west, around the Bay of Palma; the transfer can take as little as 20 minutes. If you are travelling on a package deal, the tour operator should arrange a coach to take you to the resort. This used to be included as standard, but now it is often a chargeable extra because many tourists choose to hire cars at the airport and drive themselves.

Tourists hoping for flights to Magaluf will fly to Palma airport on one of two types of flight: chartered or scheduled. Package deals use chartered flights, which tend to be more inflexible, leaving and returning at seven-day intervals. However, even if you are arranging a holiday by yourself, you can still fly with a charter airline. You can use one of the bucket shops such as Charter Flights (, Dial a Flight ( and Flightline (, or go directly to airlines like Thomson Fly (, Monarch ( and First Choice (

Scheduled flights offer greater flexibility since they leave during the week as well as at weekends. This will not be of great importance to many going to Magaluf because so many apartment rentals run from Saturday to Saturday anyway. Flights to Palma - remember, there are no flights to Magaluf - are offered by established carriers such as British Airways ( and Iberia ( as well as low-cost companies such as EasyJet (, bmibaby (, Jet2 (, Monarch ( and MyTravel Lite (

On late deals, the established carriers may not be much more expensive than the no-frills options, and they often depart at more convenient times. One advantage of the no-frills flights, however, is that purchasing separate outward and return tickets enables you to use different airlines for the two flights, which may get you a better deal.

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