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Cala Bona is part of a sizable tourist development on the east coast of Majorca about 55 minutes away from Palma airport.

Cala Bona ('The Good Bay') is connected to its sister resort of Cala Millor ('The Better Bay') by a long promenade. The latter is bigger and brasher and offers more in the way of nightlife, but Cala Bona's comparatively relaxed, more traditional atmosphere is a big attraction for many.

In some ways this is the stereotyped piece of England abroad. It caters for an English - as opposed to German - crowd, and is oriented more to families and elder tourists than to party-goers. Don't go there to sample the Majorcan way of life, and don't expect much in the way of discos and late-night bars.

Cala Bona is one of those resorts that guidebooks dismiss in rather sniffy terms because of the way in which a beautiful piece of coast has been covered in substantial amounts of concrete, but it retains a handsome beach, or rather beaches, set between outcrops of rock.

It is not a purpose-built resort, since the development grew up around an existing fishing village. Consequently, it has some atmospheric, narrow streets which are worth the wander and you can still see fishermen mending their nets down by the water.

Public transport is not the east coast's strong point, and if you want to explore the island from Cala Bona you would be advised to hire a car. A tourist train travels a few miles up and down the coast, but is quite expensive for what it offers.

During the day, most tourists decamp to the beach, but there are cycling, golfing, go-karting and tennis possibilities in the area. Glass-bottomed boat trips, taking you exploring north or south along the coast, are always popular, and diving can also be arranged.

There are plenty of places to eat and drink around the harbour offering the usual wide range of English, Italian and Spanish food.

For accommodation Hotel Cala Bona (971 585 924 ;, which opened in 1924, is the longest-established hotel in the resort, while

Hotel Alicia (971 585 661; and Hotel Levante (971 585 564; both receive consistently good reviews. The latter does not allow children.

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