How do I get Free Vegas Show Tickets?

No place on earth does a show quite like Vegas, and few places charge prices quite like Vegas either! Demand is so high for the phenomenal spectaculars, that hotels and venues can charge exorbitant amounts for the tickets. This is fine if you have unlimited funds, but most people have a restricted budget and want to enjoy what Las Vegas has to offer without breaking the bank. If you are really strapped for cash, read on to find shows that offer free tickets, giving you a chance to sample the fun of Vegas without the financial strain!

Now firstly, let’s be realistic. You are highly unlikely to get free tickets to any of the famous shows. If your heart is set on seeing ‘O’ by Cirque du Soliel, Celine Dion, Elton John or Mamma Mia, be prepared to pay for them. You can find discounted prices on some websites, but they are still not going to be cheap. The only way to get free tickets to these shows is via ‘comp’ tickets – if you can win them through a radio station, or have contacts within the casino that are willing to help, this may be an option. Otherwise, lower your expectations and you can find loads of entertaining shows that don’t have to cost you a bean! This is the perfect way to experience Las Vegas on shoestring.

Casinos often provide free entertainment as a way of keeping people gambling at their tables. They offer free drinks, free parking, free lounge acts, and some free shows. One of the most exciting of these shows is the ‘Show in the Sky’ at Rio’s Masquerade Village. This extravaganza features singing, dancing, live music and stilt walkers in colourful costumes. You can watch the show for free, or for a small charge actually get to participate! Costumes are provided, and you can party with the performers. Similar free frivolity is staged at the Tropicana, where acrobats and contortionists are suspended above the crowd in ‘Air Play’. There is also Tiana Caroll’s Bird Show, where her feathered performers ride bikes and sing.

Freemont Street is always a centre of bustling activity, and free live concerts are sometimes provided. In the past, Howard Jones and the Marshall Tucker Band have performed, so it’s worth checking the schedule for when you will be in town.

At the time of writing, other free shows include ‘The Free Magic Show’ at the Big Easy Showroom, which takes place most days at 4pm. Comedy is also available for gratis, with Wild Billy Tucker doing his thing at Fitzgeralds every weeknight. Be warned – his show is for adult’s ears only, and he can verge on the side of offensive.

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