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Ask many people about their ideal holiday location and you’ll find a lot of them will mention that they would quite fancy a visit to the Nevada Desert in order to visit Las Vegas. It is just one of those places that you should visit once in your life as it is such an amazing place to see and be a part of, even for a short time, that you would even let yourself down by not giving yourself even a chance.

Some people say that they are not interested in going to Las Vegas because they don’t like gambling. That’s fine. Las Vegas does have a huge amount of casinos, and it was the money from these casinos that funded the growth of the place into the massive oasis of light and sound in the middle of the desert that it is now. But Las Vegas is not just about casinos. It’s also about a wonderful array of shows that you can go and see. The shows were first created by the casinos as a way to attract people to Las Vegas so that they will gamble more. But the shows became very popular, and to be frank the casinos realised that they could use the shows as another way to make money. Gradually the Las Vegas show scene was built up to the entertainment behemoth that it is now.

You can see magic shows, with illusions, magic tricks and the involvement of hypnosis and other bewildering skills. Famous magicians such as Penn and Teller and even David Copperfield are performing in Las Vegas and are well worth catching. You can also see comedy shows – obviously the magicians use comedy but you can see stand up shows, impressionists, ventriloquists and fully blown comedy plays. A great example of this would be Tony and Tina’s wedding, where instead of you being in an audience you are actually sitting at a dinner table as a guest at an Italian wedding, surrounded by the cast in character and getting a great meal as well as a hilarious show. There are also impersonator shows, which include tributes to Elvis of course in addition to artists such as Neil Diamond and the Rat Pack.

Las Vegas also offers a great chance to see some real Headliner acts such as Celine Dion, Elton John, U2, Sarah Brightman and many others, combining music with great lighting and projections on in the background. There are also the adult and show girl shows celebrating the female body using a cacophony of music and dancing. Do not forget also the variety shows like Cirque Du Soleil, which is an amazing experience and sight to behold.

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