Timeshares on Kauai

A timeshare on Kauai is a great opportunity to own a piece of paradise. Many visitors love the place so much that they opt to buy a time share in a vacation property on Kauai.

Vacation rental agents or realtors selling real estate often have timeshares on offer. Instead of buying directly from the developers, why not consider buying resale timeshares as they can be cheaper. Real estate agents can provide some advice regarding the units currently on the market and help the purchaser find a property that meets their requirements in a location that suits them. Purchasers need to decide how many rooms they need and which affiliate resort they have in mind.

Kauai offers more timeshares than any of the other islands in Hawaii. The main resort areas are:

  • Hanalei Bay, a surfer's Mecca in the winter, on the north coast;
  • Princeville, a purpose-built resort with two championship golf courses on the north shore;
  • Kapaa, a bustling town on the stretch of Kauai's east coast known as the Coconut coast; and
  • the Poipu region on Kauai's south coast, famous for great beaches and sunny weather.

The units themselves are purpose-built accommodation that is sold to people wanting to have share in a piece of property on Kauai. The way it works is that people part of a timeshare scheme buy a one-week or two-week stay in the property which can be taken every year. The dates do however have to be cleared with the other members of the schedule. In most cases buyers are allocated a fixed slot each year, some schemes do however allow people to book new dates annually. Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis so those booking late run the risk of not being able to get the dates they want. If the time share owner does not want to use their slot one year then they can give it to friends or family or sub-let to someone else.

Owners share maintenance and service charges. Timeshare buyers have a seven day 'cooling off' period after signing the agreement during which they can cancel.

Having such an investment can put up your vacation costs up, but they do have the benefit in that by they have no hidden costs and prices won't go up with inflation. By operating on a "time-schedule" you are also guaranteed a spot in the sun each year without the hassle of having to book and arrange your vacation. Some people are put off Kauai timeshares because they like to have the option of going somewhere different. Some schemes allow you to exchange your one- or two-week slot in Kauai for a different holiday destination at one of the other resorts participating in the scheme. To do this the time share owner must pay a fee to join the exchange company, and they can exchange their stay in Kauai for a vacation elsewhere or they can take advantage of travel discounts and services offered by the exchange company.

For more advice on buying and see timeshares see our section on timeshare.

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