Kauai Luau Celebrations and Feasts

A Kauai luau is a party or celebration with Hawaiian music, dancing, food and fun. Traditionally luaus were held as a thank you to the gods to celebrate a battle victory, the birth of child or a safe return from a long voyage. As a religious ceremony a luau consisted of elaborate rituals which needed much preparation. In modern-day Kauai, luaus are held to celebrate all sorts of occasions such as weddings, babies, graduations or successful business ventures. Visitors to the island attending a luau can expect music, entertainment, Hawaiian food and a friendly welcome.

Most of the resorts hold luaus in their gardens or on the beach. Many include free drinks with the price of entry. The drink most commonly associated with this type of celebration is the mai tai, a famous cocktail which can be found in bars all round the world. The main ingredients are dark rum, lime juice and orange Curacao but there are many variations. Make sure you try some Kalua pig, the traditional dish. The pig is baked in an imu (clay oven) which is buried underground. Another example of local cuisine that you may find is poi, which is made from taro root mashed up into a purplish paste which can be mixed with other foods. Being an island community, seafood is very popular. Mahimahi is a delicious tasting fish with a mild flavour that many enjoy.

Best Island Luaus

The Princeville Hotel (1 808 826 9644) holds its luaus in a stunning location near the beach. The food is good and drinks are free at the beginning of the evening.

The Courtyard Kauai (formerly the Coconut Beach Hotel (1 808 822 3455) has nightly luaus with free drinks. Children are admitted for free on some nights but you would need to check first.

The Radisson Kauai Resort (1 808 335 5828) has an indoor luau.

Smith's Tropical Paradise (1 808 821 6895) holds luaus three evenings a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in Wailua Marina State Park, Kapaa. The feast includes access to the garden, entertainment and food. It is worth going on a garden tour before the ceremony starts.

The Hyatt Regency Resort (1 808 742 1234) holds a luau twice a week with great food, a free bar and a show with music, theater and dancing.

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