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When in Kauai, car rentals are the most popular way to get around. It is much easier to explore the island with independent transportation and you are able to get to places that would otherwise be off limits.

If you can find a car rental company that rents out four-wheel-drive vehicles then this can be useful as some of the island's roads are little more than dirt tracks. You may want to consider the optional extra of a "roof rack" which comes in handy for moving around kayaks or surfboards. Although Kauai is not a crime capital, it is recommended that people avoid leaving valuables in their car as break-ins do occur.

Cars tend to have automatic transmission and air conditioning. Drivers must be over 21 and young drivers may have to pay a surcharge. Expect to pay cheaper rates if you hire the vehicle for a week or longer. In addition to a drivers' license you must have a credit card to rent a car in Hawaii. There is a car rental pickup place opposite the main terminal at Kauai's main airport at Lihue so you can book in advance and pick up your car when you arrive.

Check whether your car insurance at home will cover you in Hawaii before making a reservation in case you need to take out additional insurance. If you have an accident on Hawaii then you must pay for any damages before departure unless you have insurance whether or not the accident was your fault so make sure that you have appropriate insurance. If your car insurance at home doesn't cover you, the Kauai car rental companies can insure you for an additional charge. Some credit-card companies also provide insurance. All passengers in a car, front or back, must wear a seat belt and babies must be strapped into child car seats.

Booking Rental Cars Online

Booking your rental car online allows you shop around for the best deals. You can book online and pay nothing until you pick the car up. The main car-rental agencies such as Avis or Hertz do have a car rental service on Kauai. Prices may increase during the summer months and at Christmas (peak season) so it is advisable to make sure you book ahead at these times as car rental companies can run out of cars when it gets busy.

Contact information for car rental companies on the island:

Car rental company

Toll-free number

Local number


1 800 327 9633

1 808 246 0645


1 800 321 3712

1 808 245 3512


1 800 527 0700

1 808 245 1901


1 800 800 4000

1 866 434 2226


1 800 654 3131

1 808 245 3356


1 800 227 7368

1 808 245 5636


1 800 367 2277

1 808 246 6252

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