Nagaland India - Holiday Guide to Nagaland, North Eastern India

Nagaland is one of the smaller states located in North-Eastern India bordering both Assam and Burma being one of the furthest of Indian states. It only gained independence as its own state in 1963 after being under both Burma and British rule throughout the years. There are fourteen tribes of Nagaland in which tradition largely influences their way of life with weaving being a traditional art of the state. You will notice that each tribe has unique weaving designs and the Nagas often wear their weaving on their back to signify which tribe they belong to.

India Nagaland

Although mountains cover a large proportion of the state, agriculture still hails as the prime economic activity. This geographic landscape partially determines the climate which is one of high humidity and can become uncomfortable at times. It is advisable to take the climate into account when planning your trip and try to dodge the monsoon season.

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There are several lodgings available to accommodate tourists, however apart from the interesting culture and the nature aspect of the state, there really are few things to do here. Note that you will need to obtain an entry permit before visiting. Communication shouldn’t be a problem with English being the official language and used to educate its people. However although there is little to appeal tourists here, the Nagas are lovely people, most of Christianity faith, and very welcoming.

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