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Assam is the best of North-Eastern India being not only culturally diverse, but diverse in its landscape also. Assam can be described as a melting pot of colourful tribes with over 100 different ethnic communities that among them speak 45 different languages!

Assam Assam

Getting to Assam is easy, either by air as there is an airport right in Guwahati that connects Assam to most main cities as well as the Indian Railways that connect this state to the rest of the sub-continent. This North-Eastern area is quite isolated from the rest of India and one needs to travel through the “Chicken’s Neck”, a narrow entrance out of West Bengal.

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Once you arrive there are plenty of activities to seek out. There are two monuments in particular that are worth seeing. The Shakti Temple of the Mother Goddess Kamakha is located on the Nilachal Hills just out of Guwahati known ass the “greatest shrine of tantric shaktism”. The other is the ruins of Madan Kamdev which can be found 40km from Guwahati also. Although not much is known of its origins, it is interesting to hear what people believe.

Kaziranga National Park is a must-see in Assam. The Park has helped conserve the nearly extinct one-horned rhino while being a sanctuary for a number of other species including a vast birdlife. You can take a jeep safari in the Park to experience some of these animals face-to-face.

All of Assam’s communities come together for the Rongali Utsav festival in April that celebrates the onset of spring-time, and more importantly the start on the agricultural season. It is considered the most important of all festivals as many Assam people rely on agriculture for income.

Other festivals include the tea and elephant festivals. The Tea Festival is celebrated annually in Jorhat and unsurprisingly celebrates tea but includes music and lots of joyous fun. The Elephant Festival is mainly celebrated to protect the Asiaic Elephant and increase awareness of its conservation but also includes several activities and cultural acts.

For those who enjoy a bit of golf, Assam is the place for you. With copious golf courses there is plenty of choice. Most are attached to tea gardens so catch a glimpse of the green surroundings.

Assam is a cultural treasure and well worth venturing into the north-east to experience, especially if you coincide your stay with the Rongali Utsav festival.

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