Hawaiian Vacations - Island by Island Overview

The number of vacations to Hawaii booked each year seems to be forever on the increase. Few destinations in the world can even compare to this lush, volcanically created Eden. All six of the islands provide visitors with pleasant experiences and great sights that will not be quickly forgotten - The Garden of the Gods, sun drenched black beaches, paniolo round-ups, and some of the best water sports on offer!

Many people who are looking at embarking on one of the many great Hawaii vacation packages that are available will probably only have a limited amount of time on the tropical Isles. Unable to fit everything in, choices have to be made on the type of vacation you are after and what type of package best suites you. Below is our vacation guide:

Guide to a Big Island Getaway

Named because it is the largest of the six islands, this is very diverse isle and many people have commented that a trip to the Big Island is like a trip right round the world. With rainforests, snow topped mountains, lava fields, and sandy beaches it is easy to understand why people have formed this impression. The island boasts a number of great accommodation types from luxury vacation style resorts and hotels, to the more intimately styled bed and breakfasts and vacation rentals that are dusted across the island. Packages here are usually a lot pricier than those to Maui or Oahu, and this is partly because of the many natural attractions on the island.

A Pleasant Kauai Vacation

Kauai is best known for its very relaxed atmosphere and beautiful tropical landscapes, so much so that it has been nicknamed "The Garden Isle." Botanical garden, canyons, national parks all go hand in hand to create an atmosphere of complete peace, which is a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of Maui and Oahu. You can still expect to find some of Hawaii's best resorts amid all this natural beauty, and the island is also rich with activities - ocean kayaking, helicopter tours over the Na Pali Coast, scuba diving and snorkeling to name but a few. Indeed, Kauai is probably the perfect destination for a romantic or honeymoon vacation. Prices of Kauai vacation packages are considerably high.

Hawaiian Holiday on Lanai

This little island is only home to two up market resorts - The Lodge at Koele and The Manele Bay Hotel. If anything this piece of paradise is famous for its seclusion, the ultimate retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Of all the great Hawaii vacation destinations, Lanai is probably the most expensive and it has been graced by the world's wealthiest, including big names like Bill Gates. So if it's the hiking and water sports you are after, then you might want to consider visiting one of the islands that offer all these activities at a cheaper rate. If you are still determined to experience Lanai, then we recommend a day trip to the island - See the Maui Lanai Ferry.

Maui - Sun, Surf and Palm Trees

Maui could quite easily be described as the most popular Hawaiian destination. It has the beauty of Kauai and the Big Island, the charisma of Oahu, and its inner sanctums hold places that are as secluded as Lanai. Shopping and a vibrant nightlife, dormant volcanoes and sun strewn beaches, and some of the finest all-inclusive vacation resorts - all go toward making this island a holidaymaker's paradise. As an added bonus, Maui is quite affordable when compared to the Big Island, Oahu and Lanai.

The Molokai Holiday

Described as the "Most Hawaiian of Isles", Molokai has purposely fought against the possibility of over-development, and has chosen to move down the road of ecotourism. If you are looking for a truly Hawaiian experience then this is where to be. Molokai holds the largest percentage of Hawaiian locals and can therefore be described as the archipelago's cradle of culture. The island has a strong hold on its past - you wont even find a Mc' Ds on the Island! This is definitely any outdoorsmen's ultimate playground.

Fun in Oahu

When it comes to the most affordable and lively of Hawaii vacations, none can really beat Oahu home of the state capital, the ever bustling Honolulu. More importantly it's also home the worldly known Waikiki Beach that is lined with one resort and hotel after another. Be thankful, as it's all this competition which has kept many of the accommodation prices in the "affordable" price bracket. Make the most of your visit and visit the legendary Pearl Harbor, the US's only royal palace (Iolani) and witness some of the world's best surfing on the island's North Shore.

Remember peak season extends form June to August. Christmas is also a popular time to visit.

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