Hawaiian Cruises - Types Available

You would never have thought in years gone by that Hawaiian cruises where few and far between, with only a single cruise line servicing these Pacific Isles. People seem to have rediscovered the beauty and eloquence of Hawaii and this has put a fresh spin on the demand for cruise vacations - so much so that there are now more than eight companies conducting regular cruises to the Hawaiian Islands. The increased competition was welcomed by the travel industry since it brought with it higher standards, competitive prices, and a broad choice of itineraries.

So what types are available?

7 or 10 Day Honolulu round-trip

Some cruise lines leave Honolulu, located on Oahu, and over the next seven days take you on a journey that covers the whole of the Hawaiian archipelago. Few ferries run between the islands so this is one of the few chances people get to take a voyage through these scenic clad Pacific waters. Ports of call typically include - Nawiliwili (Kauai), Hilo (Big Island), Kona (Big Island), and Kahului (Maui) before finally docking in Honolulu. A ten day cruise usually includes a trip to the Fanning Islands (or Christmas Island) as part of the itinerary. The beauty of this is that holidaymakers get at least a day on the open sea. Recommended - Norwegian Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean Cruise

10 to 15 Day Hawaiian Change-Over Cruises

Some lines run cruises from the Caribbean to Alaska (or visa versa) in the early part of May all the way through to September. In the off season the liners then set off from Mexico to tour the Hawaiian Islands before returning to Vancouver for the beginning of the Alaska cruise season. Alternatively, liners may depart from Vancouver ; travel Hawaii, before returning to the Caribbean for the start of the new season. Recommended - Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and Carnival Cruises.

California Round-Trip Hawaiian Cruise

During the winter period a number of cruise companies run a service from the pacific gateway state of California to the Hawaiian archipelago. The cruise extends over two weeks and gives people several days on the open ocean - more than enough leisure time to fully acquaint themselves with the many services and amenities that fill these fine liners. The rest of the trip is spent navigating through the tropical islands of Maui, Kauai, Oahu and The Big Island. Typically there are 5 ports of call. It is not uncommon for these cruises to be part of ones that take in the Mexican coast. Recommended - Celebrity Cruises.

Trans Pacific Cruise

A Trans Pacific cruise is one that runs across the Pacific, usually from the US's west coast (San Diego) to Sydney, Australia, Japan or New Zealand. Honolulu is almost always a port of call and many liners are starting to include many of the other islands into the cruise schedule. People who embark on around the world cruises are also guaranteed the chance to take in the Hawaiian Isles. NB. Around the world cruises can be sold in parts allowing you a certain degree of flexibility in the destinations you choose. Recommended - Crystal Cruises

Cruise Hawaii to Tahiti

What better vacation than traveling from one paradise to the next on some of the world's finest vessels. A large majority of vessels leave from the state's capital and then weave a trail between Maui, Kauai and The Big Island with several stops and shore excursions. Form here passengers get a couple of days on the open water as the liners make their way to Tahiti. The itinerary also runs in reverse. Recommended - Radisson Seven Seas and Princess Cruises.

The price of cruises to and around Hawaii varies according to the duration of the cruise. Many cruise lines have several vessels, some more luxurious than others, so prices can be driven by the ship type and the number of onboard amenities. A large number of travel agents and cruise companies offer packages - a brilliant way to save on costs!

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