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There are obvious inherent risks involved with travel to another country but you may not realise that playing golf on holiday brings with it its own risks as even the best amateur golfers are prone to the odd slice into the car park! When a ball leaves your club it stops being a harmless piece of sports equipment and becomes a fearsome object that can cause physical damage to many things, including people. That is why it is important that you take out a comprehensive golf holiday insurance policy before you leave the UK.

Follow this link for full reviews on the major insurers

It is important to also consider how you would feel if your golf clubs got lost or stolen while you were away. Most regular travel insurance policies do not cover golf equipment or damage caused by playing the game, however many companies do offer a range of specialist golf holiday insurance to suit all kinds of budgets. Below we have identified some of the key facets we urge you to consider when arranging your insurance.

Lost or stolen

There could be tears before you even step on the first tee if your clubs are stolen, especially if you discover that your travel insurance doesn't cover you for the loss. Unfortunately, it can happen and few standard travel policies actually offer cover for golf equipment. If you obtain specialist insurance you will be covered and the better policies even arrange for a replacement set of clubs for you so that your holiday isn't ruined.

Damage to property

There is also the risk of accidentally damaging someone else's property. A wayward tee shot may cost you more than a dropped shot if your ball leaves the course and hits a house, a car or some other breakable object. No matter what your standard of golf, this type of shot is always a possibility so we recommend being fully insured against accidental damage.

Injury to a third party

Knowing that your insurance will pay for the damage to a vehicle or property is one thing, but you also need to consider what cover you have if you injure someone. This may be unlikely but if you have the comfort of insurance you'll at least be able to drive off with peace of mind. After all, relaxation is the key to most holidays.

Green fees

You can even obtain travel insurance for loss of green fees. You will be covered for any pre-paid green fees that you have arranged before your departure should you need to cancel a round for medical reasons. Click here to view a selection of insurers.

'IndigoGuide' does not recommend any particular company as all individual circumstances are different. However we have put together a review of some of key activite holiday insurers - follow this link for more information.

We are confident that by shopping around and bearing in mind the advice outlined above, you will be able to secure an insurance package that covers all your specific requirements.

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