Villa Rental Costa Rica

Villas range from reasonably priced commercial accommodations built for vacation rentals to lifestyles-of-the-rich-and-famous luxury homes that are available for rental when the owner is elsewhere. The great advantage is privacy for your travel group, whether that consists of your family or a bunch of friends. Villas are available that accommodate four people comfortably, at prices comparable to a good hotel. Others are large enough for a dozen or more people and sport luxury-resort-class amenities such as a private pool, access to a golf course, a private chef, and more.

Most villa packages include maid service, general maintenance, and one or more other kinds of help. Kitchens are generally stocked with the basics, but you are responsible for purchasing groceries for the meals you eat there.

As with any accommodations, you are responsible for damages that might occur in the course of a wild party; in the case of a villa that is private home, though, some of the items could be of considerable value. So, if you are a college student thinking about inviting 15 or 20 drinking buddies to share a villa for the next Spring Break, umm, maybe that’s not the best idea you’ve ever had.

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