Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo is a laid back Caribbean beach town located thirty minutes south of Cahuita. Generally considered one of the more laid back areas of Costa Rica, Puerto Viejo is most popular among surfers who arrive here from December through March to ride its legendary surf breaks.

In all senses, Puerto Viejo is the epiphany of beach culture. Its strong contingent of afro-Caribbean inhabitants contributes to its inclination towards Rasta culture. With the reggae music lingering in the background and the faint smell of ganja lingering in the air, one can easily lose themselves in this laid back beach community.

In Puerto Viejo, things are never done in a hurry. The urgency for action that one may find in other cultures and locations throughout the world is simply absent from this paradise-like beach enclave. Puerto Viejo has proven to be very popular among beach bums, eco-tourists, and escapists seeking an end to the hustle and bustle of most modern western culture.

There is a local tourism office located at the centre of Puerto Viejo. Here you can find information on the many eco-tourist opportunities offered throughout the area. There are guide services that can lead you on ecologically-informative tours into the surrounding rainforests and natural areas.

Puerto Viejo is very popular among marine enthusiasts as well. While the legendary waves of Puerto Viejo draw many surfers, there are also local guide services that offer sea kayaking tours in and around the local area. Scuba diving lessons and guides can also be arranged through one of the several local dive centres.

Another interesting local attraction in Puerto Viejo is the local botanical gardens, known as "Finca La Isla Botanical Gardens". Also, just above town is a butterfly observation garden where one can observe many of the local indigenous butterfly species of the area.

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