Vacation, Tour & Holiday Packages Costa Rica

There’s a Costa Rica travel package to suit everyone, with many reputable operators to choose from.

A Costa Rica vacation can include:

  • Soaking up the sun and being pampered at a luxury resort .
  • A private getaway at a villa.
  • An opportunity to volunteer on a research project.
  • Shopping, dining, visiting museums.
  • Learning about local culture and industry.
  • Fishing and boating.
  • Swimming , surfing, and rafting.
  • Hiking and climbing in nature preserves and national parks.
  • Studying birds, butterflies, and the forest canopy ecosystem.
  • Sacrificing a virgin in an active volcano.

Packages run the gamut from all-inclusive resort vacations to educational ecotourism to challenging adventure packages to drive-yourself private packages.

You’ll find so much you want to do that you’ll have no trouble filling up your days, even on an extended vacation. If your trip is going to include excursions to attractions in different regions of the country, allow plenty of travel time. Even though the distances aren’t great, it would not be unusual to spend four or five hours to travel to an attraction from wherever you are staying. The good news is that you can restrict your vacation to any one of the country’s major regions and still have plenty to keep you busy.

Because of the enormous popularity of Costa Rica, you have lots of choices and therefore you have lots of questions you need to think about when selecting the right one for you:

  • Will the tour consist of a group you have something in common with? Are you negotiating a package for an existing group you belong to? Are you signing up through a group you know something about? Do you all share a particular interest that’s relevant to the tour (the fact that you’re all dentists, for example, wouldn’t necessarily indicate that you’re interested in the same activities in Costa Rica; but if you’re all birders or botanists, that’s something else again)?
  • How large is the tour group? If you know nothing else about the group, perhaps you can get an idea of their average age and physical condition. (Can you keep up with them? Can they keep up with you?) You can book a private package for yourself and your traveling companions, of course.
  • Is airfare included? On what airline or airlines? What class? What are the refund rules if there is a problem with the air carrier or the travel date?
  • What class of accommodations is included? Are you guaranteed particular facilities (that you can research in advance), or is the description generic?
  • Are meals, recreational activities, resort facilities, etc., included?
  • How much of your time is programmed and how much is free for you to explore on your own – or just lie on the beach? Are the programmed activities things you actually want to do? If not, there are lots more packages to choose from.
  • What access will you have to medical care if needed? Do you need your own travel insurance or is that included in the package?
  • What kind of reputation does the package vendor have? Do they offer references? If so, check them. How long have they been in business? Are there any complaints against them (do your own research)?

Before you sign a contract for a vacation package, read the fine print. Find out about cancellation or postponement due to circumstances beyond your control (can you get your deposit back?). Find out about travel insurance (is it included or do you need to purchase your own?). And find out how many people you’ll be sharing your “private” vacation with.

Tours range from strenuous guided hikes to bus excursions to moonlight cruises. Costa Rica tour guides can give you access to wilderness areas where you can learn about the extraordinary biodiversity of the cloud forests and rain forests. Or they can take you shopping. They can guide you on a whitewater rafting adventure or a hike on a volcano.

You can combine Costa Rica tours into your own vacation plan, sign up for an all-inclusive package that incorporates multiple tours, or select individual tours on the spur of the moment that are convenient to where you are staying (subject to availability, of course). Resort and hotel concierges can often recommend tours that are particularly suited to your interest. Or you can make advance arrangements for custom tours that address specific interests of your family or travel group, such as birding, natural history, cultural history, or a specific ecological niche.

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