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With its wide array of geographic areas and the many leisure and adventure activities these locales facilitate, Costa Rica is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether your interest is in hiking deep in the rain forest or surfing world-class waves, Costa Rica will cater to your interests.

Costa Rican tourism started to expand in the late 1980’s, when the government began to recognize the economic value of protecting its ecologically sensitive natural areas. In spite of past deforestation practices, the Costa Rican government began one of the most active reforestation programs in the Americans, striving to become a friendly destination for ecologically-informed visitors. These efforts have paid off in terms of both the altruistic ecological gains and the accompanying economic benefits in the form of increased ecotourism. As Costa Rica is home to nearly four percent of the planet’s species of wildlife, it has become a Mecca for wildlife observers.

The increase in tourism in Costa Rica has led to the establishment of luxury resorts and many other kinds of lodging all around Costa Rica. These establishments accommodate their clientele’s ecotourism needs, generally serving as a base for excursions to local wilderness areas, volcanoes, or beaches.

Tourism has grown into one of the main sources of capital for the Costa Rican economy. The country is increasingly catering to foreign visitors, a good fit for the underlying hospitality of the culture.


Costa Rica ecotourism is a thriving industry. The country is committed to protecting sensitive habitats that harbour the amazing biodiversity found in the region. Ecotourism dollars are what make this possible, not least because they provide a stable livelihood for the indigenous population, removing the incentives for poaching and clear cutting.

You can take advantage of Costa Rico ecotourism to broaden your understanding of the Western Hemisphere’s web of life. At the same time, you can view spectacularly diverse and beautiful birds, butterflies, vegetation, sea turtles, … , whatever aspect of the environment most intrigues you.

All of the major tour operators offer excursions and adventures in the country’s national parks and refuge areas. In addition, biological research expeditions often recruit volunteers for extended periods, if you want more than just a vacation. In any case, plan to respect the rules that are put in place to help protect the resources from the impact of the ecotourism industry itself.


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